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Competition Winner's Gallery

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Jose Luis Rodriguez

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Competition Winners Portfolio

Jose Luis Rodriguez


Jose Luis Rodriguez, 51, Spanish, a professional nature photographer for 30 years now.

Website: www.joseluisrodriguez-fotografo.com


How long have you been photographing nature?
I am a professional nature photographer for 30 years now.

What's best about nature photography?
Nature photography allows you to live outdoors, in contact with the environment, where it is wild and best preserved.

Favourite species and places in Europe?
Species: I love birds of prey and nocturnal mammals.
Places: Pyrenees, Picos de Europa and Scotland.

Which equipment do you use mostly?
I have 6 cameras, 4 Canon and 2 Nikon, with optics ranging from 11-40 mm to 600 mm. For the photography of nocturnal wildlife I use infrared barriers and high-speed flash.

Best Picture

Best Picture

A group of European Bee-eaters on a branch on a frosty morning in May. Photographed from the car with a 500mm lens.

Finding this group of bee-eaters was a big surprise for me on that cold morning in May. I had never observed such behaviour in 30 years with the Iberian birds. I discovered them from afar and I gradually approached with my car, stopping every few meters and photographed from the window with a telephoto lens of 500 mm. I came very close and ended up falling into a ditch to get this photo! The car (4x4) got out with some scratches... But it was definitely worth it because I could capture a behaviour of these birds that had not been photographed before as far as I know.

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