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Competition Winner's Gallery

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Quentin Martinez

...photography is a means of transcending reality...

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Competition Winners Portfolio

Quentin Martinez


Website: www.quentinmartinez.com


Why do you do nature photography?
In my view photography is a means of transcending reality. The photographer can focus on certain details he wants to bring out and convey what is important to him. Therefore this art to me is a lot about sharing my ideas.
In this way nature photography allows me to showcase my love for wetlands.

What's best about nature photography?
Nature photography is of course a great excuse to go out and connect with the fabulous world that surrounds us. Those small gifts that nature offers us in the course of the seasons, the sensations it provides…all this is priceless.

There is nothing that makes me happier or lets my heart beat faster than a few minutes of swimming close to a viper that tolerates my presence.

What's worst about it?
Unfortunately, it happens ever so often that you document a biotope and its species for weeks, months, seasons or even years and one fine day you arrive at the site and everything has been destroyed. That feels really bad and it is simply disgusting, but it also provides a lot of motivation to get involved for nature.
And – raw conversion, post production and indexing of images is a nightmare for me.

What are your favourite species and places in Europe?
I am passionate about amphibians, especially about frogs and toads, but also vipers fascinate me a lot. I have not travelled far in Europe but my little springs, fens and temporary bogs located along the « Gorges du Gardon » are wonderful playgrounds for me.

What's in your photo bag?
At the moment I use a Canon EOS 7D with a 17-40 mm and a 100 mm Macro lens. An underwater housing like the ones from “Aquapac”, an infra-red barrier by Jama, a remote control, tripods, flashes with umbrella-softboxes and a system of radio control, moreover a neutral density grey filter is with me all the time. Finally I have to pay tribute to my old Canon EOS 400D and my old Ewa-Marine UW housing – fabulous friends which accompanied me wading into the muddy, slimy wet homes of croaking but very charming critters of the aquatic world.

What are your specialities / skills?
I have learned a lot from practising with dragonflies and water bugs to be able to take good picture of my beloved froggy friends. So, possibly one could say that I am specialised in photographing wetlands and especially the herpetofauna, as much on even ground as under water.

What will you do next in your photography life/after school?
I hope that after school in September I will be able to study tropical habitats in French Guyana for two years. I hope I can spend my life exploring wetlands and amphibians, which is best done in South America. Whatever happens I will continue photographing amphibians trying to make people aware of these little creatures that are so poorly understood.

3 tips for beginners
I think that nothing is impossible and that one should never be discouraged.
It seems to me though that even when you are satisfied with your work, you have to put it into question. The best way to make progress is to submit your photographs to objective criticism and judge them as objective as possible.
Finally, and that’s most important I think, you really have to be in love with what you want to photograph.

Best Picture

Best Picture
L'athlete... The athlete...

Grenouille du genre Pelophylax photographiee sous l'eau pres d'une resurgence ou les plantes foisonnent. A frog of the genuns Pelophylax, photographed from below close to a resurgence where plants were prolific.

The start of the mating season of the common toad always gives me great pleasure. There was hardly anything to find for me at this specific place though, hence the days spent there were full of tension. This is one image of a series I took at the end of the day. But only in this one the toad showed this particular behaviour.

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