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Conservation Facts

Population: 16.6 million
Total Area: 41.526 km2
Population density: 393 per km2
National Parks: 20
“NATURA 2000” sites: 142
Largest Nature reserve: Oosterschelde 370km2

Resident Photographers:

Ruben Smit
Edwin Giesbers

Visiting Photographers:

Florian Möllers
Jari Peltomäki
Mark Hamblin

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Flat – that’s an everlasting impression of that very unique landscape around the Ijsselmeer in the North of the Netherlands. At the same time this typical feature is the very reason for one of the most important and largest breeding grounds in Europe for all kinds of water and marshland birds. A paradise for birds, all man-made.

If you visit the Dutch Wadden Sea coast in spring or autumn, you will be rewarded with spectacular sights of tens of thousands of migrating geese, ducks and waders in large flocks. Only from late April to August the breeding grounds on the beautiful islands between Texel in the West and Schiermonnikoog in the East are occupied by the „locals“: Black-tailed godwits, marsh harriers, lapwings, redshanks, avocets, little terns, curlews and many others.

Some of them are newcomers, like the Great White egret or the spoonbill, which are now crossing borders and establish new populations on the Frisian Islands of Germany.
The polders – land taken from the sea – of Oostvaardersplassen National Park have been stocked with large herbivores like Red Deer, Konik horses and Heck cattle, an animal community which might have been typical for western and central Europe for thousands of years. A large experiment now unfolds of how these animals will shape the land with man being no more than an observer.
A pair of white-tailed Eagles has claimed territory in the park a few years back, benefiting from the rich birdlife of the area like cormorants in several large colonies and a large population of greylag geese. The European crane also returned and is now breeding again in a few pairs in a wetland at the northeastern shores of the Ijsselmeer. Hartelijk welkom in Nederland!