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Conservation Facts

Population: 4.7 million
Total Area: 324.220 km2
Population density: 14 per km2
Protected Area: 14.3%
National Parks: 33
“NATURA 2000” sites:
Largest Nature Reserve: Hardangervidda NP 342.200 ha

Resident Photographers:

Erlend Haarberg
Pål Hermansen
Tom Schandy
Ole Jørgen Liodden
Nils Aukan
Kai Jensen

Visiting Photographers:

Magnus Lundgren
Mireille de la Lez
Ole Jørgen Liodden
Peter Cairns
Staffan Widstrand
Vincent Munier

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You wouldn’t think of going to Norway looking for a nice tan, right. Pack your hiking boots instead, your cross country ski, your binoculars or your fishing rod! You will find stunning glaciers, beautiful rivers and waterfalls, the vast tundra of the fjell, coastal bird-cliffs, and bogs and taiga forests that create a lovely mosaic of superb subarctic habitats.

Whilst on your “mission” you can see some of the most charismatic species in Europe: Muskox, Wild reindeer, White-tailed Sea eagle and Killer whales. Hjertelig velkommen!