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Conservation Facts

Population: 104.1 million
Total Area: 3.952.550 km 2
Population density: 9 per km2(incl. Asian part)
Protected Area: 6.5 % (total area terrestrial)
National Parks: 40 (total area)

Resident Photographers:

Igor Shpilenok

Visiting Photographers:

Igor Shpilenok
Tom Schandy

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No doubt, the vast landmass west of the Ural mountains belongs to Europe. Geology and geography, flora and fauna, ethnics and culture – they all underline this almost physical connection. Still, Russia is so much wilder, bigger, and more remote than any other country in Europe.

Due to the sheer size of the country WILD WONDERS OF EUROPE photographers can only explore a few of the wonderful aspects of Russia’s natural beauty.

They will follow the herds of the endangered Saiga antelope in spring.
They will stalk a pack of wild wolves and the will photograph Beluga whales around the Solovetski Islands.

As Russia has the longest rivers, biggest nature reserves, largest primeaval
forests, wildest areas, least visited wilderness, it is no wonder the highest mountains in Europe lie in the Caucasus range with Mount Elbrus, overlooking the rest of Europe from a majestic peak of 5.642 m.
Our missions will reflect a tiny little bit of the amazing Russian natural heritage. Thousands of beautiful places remain to be explored by yourselves: the National Parks of Vodlozersky in Karelia and Sebezhsky for example, or breeding and migrating birdlife in the Volga Delta.

Russia – another gateway to true wilderness adventures in Europe.