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Conservation Facts

Population: 9.2 milllion
Total Area: 449.964 km2
Population Density: 20 per km2
Protected Area: 10.5%
National Parks: 28
“NATURA 2000” sites: 4.061
Largest Nature reserve: Sarek & Padjelanta NP, each app. 200.000 ha

Resident Photographers:

Magnus Elander
Anders Geidemark
Peter Lilja
Staffan Widstrand
Mireille de la Lez
Magnus Lundgren
Martin Falklind

Visiting Photographers:

Erlend Haarberg
Martin Falklind
Peter Cairns
Stefano Unterthiner

Sweden Galleries

“Laponia” – a name like a fairy tale for a UNESCO World Heritage Site of 4.000 km2 along the Polar Circle. Vast stretches of wilderness, moose and arctic foxes, ptarmigans and geese, bogs and rivers – a shining example of more than 4.000 nature reserves and protected areas in Europe’s 5th largest country, Sweden.

While Sweden’s domestic and international policies serve as models of neutrality and consensus-building in Europe, the country is also a major holiday destination for millions of tourists every year from all over the continent.

Boreal forests are dense and attract a rising number of bears, wolves and lynx. Not to everybody’s liking, but yet another example of how wildlife returns to the European wilderness in great numbers.

Wild Wonders of Europe photographers will set out to visualize some of the most exciting wildlife spectacles and most charismatic species of the north: lekking black grouse and capercaillies, various owls and Red-throated divers, roosting cranes and – of course – they will travel to that mysterious wilderness in the North, to Laponia.

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