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Population: 7.3 milllion
Total Area: 110.910 km2
Population Density: 76.2 per km2
Protected Area: 5%
National Parks: 3
“NATURA 2000” sites: 286
Largest Nature reserve: Rila NP 81.046 ha

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Dietmar Nill
Manuel Presti

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700 km of mountains along the Balkan Mountain Range, a 380 km coastline and more than 2.000 caves are only a few of the natural superlatives Bulgaria has on offer. The country makes up for its rather small size with an outstanding biodiversity and a superb variety of habitats.

In the Balkan Mountain Range, Rila National Park and Pirin National Park – one of the country’s nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites - harbour more than 2.000 plant species, numerous mountain lakes and reach up to almost 3.000 meters, wild and beautiful.
Not as high but with abundant birdlife, reptiles and plants and one of the best preserved coniferous forests in the Balkan, the Rhodope Mountains border and stretch over into Greece. They were named after the Queen Rhodope of Trace, who – referring to Greek Mythology – was turned into a mountain as well as her husband Haemus after they had insulted Zeus. They are THE place to go in Europe, if you intend to see birds of prey: 36 species have been recorded for the area.
In the Southeast there is Strandzha National Park at the Black Sea coast founded in 1995 with three species of eagles, Black storks and a large variety of fish species, oak and beech forests and sandy beaches. A very inviting place as stated on a tomb plate from the 2nd century BC: „Stranger, you who come here, be healthy!“