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Conservation Facts

Population: 11.1 million
Total Area: 131.957 km2
Population density: 84 per km2
National Parks: 10
“NATURA 2000” sites: 358
Largest Nature reserve: Prespa Lake 30.000 ha

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Visiting Photographers:

Christian Ziegler
Jari Peltomäki
Milán Radisics
Peter Lilja
Stefano Unterthiner

Greece Galleries

Chamomiles, sages and aromatic thymes, wild tulips, peonies and orchids – Greece is a botanical garden eden of Europe.

760 of its plant species grow nowhere else on earth. Not only among plants can one find a high rate of endemic species: fresh water fish, salamanders and snakes, lizards and marine invertebrates, the list for Greece goes on and on.
The drawback of harbouring all these wild gems: 115 different rare endemic Greek plant species – some of them severly threatened with extinction in Greece – have been found illegally for sale at sales points on the European mainland – and growing in private gardens.

Not for the garden at home, but nontheless endangered are many of the larger species, like the fabulous monk seal or the splendid Eleonora falcon. Both of them species ranking high on the wish-list for our photographic missions. So is Lake Kerkini with its large number of Dalmatian Pelicans or the hanging monasteries of the Meteora cliffs.
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