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Conservation Facts

Population: 5.4 milllion
Total Area: 43.098 km2
Population Density: 127 per km2
Protected Area: 2%
National Parks: 1
“NATURA 2000” sites: 344
Largest Nature reserve: Vadehavet 1.339 km2

Resident Photographers:

Jesper Tønning

Visiting Photographers:

Florian Möllers
Martin Falklind
Sandra Bartocha

Denmark Galleries

The first National Park on the Danish mainland was just opened in August 2008.

With around 240 km2 Thy National Park stretches along Denmark’s Northwest coast and comprises mixed habitats of heath, dunes and lakes, the Hanstholmen Wildlife Sanctuary and “Agger Tange” a roosting site for migrating waterfowl.

Along Denmark’s 7.300 km of coastline the visitor will find many exciting habitats starting in the Southeast with the island of Møn and its wonderful beech forests around Møn’s Klint, an impressive chalk cliff, more than 120m high.

Further North along the East Coast there are important breeding grounds for one of the largest cormorant populations in Europe, for many species of gulls and terns, waders and ducks.
In Skagen the 2nd largest field of active sand dunes in Europe is an impressive sight in all seasons.
Down in the West at the Danish Wadden Sea, close to the city of Esbjerg, one can find some of the best breeding habitats in Europe for birds like godwits, avocets and other waders and passerines.

We hope that the images in these galleries will convince you that nature in Denmark long deserved a second glance.