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Conservation Facts

Population: 5.5 million
Total Area: 48.845 km2
Population density: 111 per km2
Protected Area: 23%
National Parks: 9
“NATURA 2000” sites: >400
Largest Nature reserve: Tatra National Park 738 km2

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What could be more inviting to explore the nature of a country than 12.000 km of marked hiking trails through some of the most wild and wonderful areas of Europe?

Some of these trails lead nature enthusiasts high up into the Tatras mountains at the border with Poland. An area where charismatic mammals like bears, wolves and lynx still roam, where many endemic species and subspecies of plants and wildlife can be found and where some pristine forests could still be preserved.
One of the least accessible yet most beautiful of these places is Ticha “The Silent” Valley and its little sister, Koprova valley – home to some 40 bears, the Tatra subspecies of the chamois, red deer, pygmy owls, hazel grouse and many other endangered forest species. Despite its remote location it is under heavy threat from non-sustainable exploitation and harvesting of its enigmatic forests.
In the south at the border with Hungary lies the Slovak Karst National Park. 400 – 500 m high dolomite and limestone deposits and the power of the waters of rivers Slana & Stitnik created a spectacular and unique landscape of canyons, sinkholes, springs and plains, large parts of which are now protected.
Further to the west, the hills slowly run out into the Pannonian or Carpathian basin, called Panónska kotlina in Slovak. The mosaic of meadows, steppe, pasture- and agricultural land is home to small rodents like the multi-coloured European hamster – a cute species that is almost extinct in most countries of Europe – and the social souslik preferring dry short-grass meadows. In some areas they are still persecuted by one of Europe’s most endangered raptors: the majestic Imperial Eagle.