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Conservation Facts

Population: 3.6 million
Total Area: 28.748 km2
Population density: 123 per km2
National Parks: 15
Largest Nature reserve: Lake Prespa National Park 285 km2

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Anders Geidemark

Albania Galleries

Although one of the least known countries in Europe, Albania’s natural treasures are only a few years away from being discovered by nature lovers worldwide. Whilst the turquoise waters and sandy beaches of the Adriatic Sea in the West attract all kinds of travellers, the beauty of the Albanian Alps in the North and East will only reward those who enjoy hiking in the rugged realms of wolf, lynx and bear.
In Thethi National Park, visitors can already rely on a network of simple but very authentic guesthouses and rooms run by families who make their guests’ stay even more memorable thanks to their wonderful hospitality. The Park is known for many endemics and true gems of the Balkan flora and offers grand vistas across many valleys and colourful Alpine meadows.
Only Valbona, the beautiful, a valley of 8,000 ha at the foot of the Jezerca Mountain, the 2nd highest in the country, may outcompete the beauty and biodiversity of Thethi. No wonder that many Albanian girls are named after the park’s pristine natural beauty.
At the borders with Montenegro and Macedonia, Albania shares the natural heritage and the responsibility of protecting the Balkan’s three most important freshwater lakes: Skutari, Ohrid and Prespa – all of them with a rich avifauna and endemic fish-stocks that nurture a culture of inland fisheries that dates back to the time of Homer and beyond.
Finally the historic city of Butrint, the ancient Buthrotum, a port from Hellenistic to Ottoman times in the South-West of Albania, is today a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The unique combination of stunning scenery and the archeological site dating back to the Bronze age makes this National Park a very special place to visit in the land where Karl May placed his novel“In the Land of the Shqiperia (The Land of the Eagle)”.