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Conservation Facts

Population: 5.3 milllion
Total Area: 338.145 km2
Population Density: 16 per km2
Protected Area: 4.8%
National Parks: 35
“NATURA 2000” sites: 1.858
Largest Nature reserve: Lemmenjoki NP 285.000 ha

Resident Photographers:

Lassi Rautiainen
Jari Peltomäki
Markus Varesvuo

Visiting Photographers:

Peter Cairns
Staffan Widstrand
Sven Začek

Finland Galleries

Finland is not only about lakes. Or sauna. Or mobile phones.

Want to be surprised? Finland is THE country in Europe with the highest population density of – active Tango dancers. The Finnish beat the Austrians in the number of people practising ski-jump. And they brew one of the strongest beers on the continent: “Karhu”(bear).

In the past ten years it was maybe the best place to see Northern Lights. It is still the best (and only) place in Europe to see three of our largest carnivores in one night: bears, wolves and wolverines. An incredible wildlife encounter!