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strong>Population: 31.300
Total Area: 61 km2
Population density: 512 per km2
Natural Parks: 1
Largest Nature reserve: Parco Naturale di Montecchio

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Florian Möllers

San Marino Galleries

San Marino is small, very small, but still bigger than the Vatican and the Principality of Monaco. And, it is the oldest republic in the world, founded 301 A.C., and one of the very few countries nowadays without financial debts. Possibly due to 2 Million tourists per year which add quite an extra bit of crowdedness (and income) to the state’s 30.000 inhabitants living on just 60.57km2.
Any room left for nature then? The answer is: yes! Not much, but a few gems can still be found around Monte Titano, that giant piece of rock rising from out of nowhere to 756 m, an ideal nesting site for one or two pairs of Peregrine Falcons. The crest and the ancient fortress of Guaita with its three distinct towers is home to a colony of jackdaws but also to an acient plant species, Ephedra major, the source of Ephedrine, an amphetamine sometimes (mis-) used by athletes.
Hiking paths in the natural park of Montecchio, Montecerreto and surrounding hills will lead the wanderer along semi-xeric meadows with several species of orchids, among them the beautiful pyramidal and serapia orchids. Tracks of roe deer and a few wild boars crisscross the slopes down into the lush valleys of small rivers like the Marano and the Fiumicello.
Tunnels along the old railway, which was active until 1944, are now roost sites for different species of bats and the cave system in the “basement” of Monte Titano is home to the rare Italian Cave Salamander, Speleomantes italicus, an endemic to Italy (and San Marino). Unlike all other salamanders, the members of the “Lungless Salamanders” family are missing lungs and conduct respiration through the skin and the tissues lining the mouth. On top of that Speleomantes has a projectile tongue which it can fire almost a body length at high speed to capture prey.