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Conservation Facts

Population: 63.8 million
Total Area: 547.030 km 2
Population density: 109 per km2
Protected Area: 2% (terrestrial)
National Parks: 9
Natura 2000 areas: 1.334
Largest Nature Reserve: Vanoise NP 1.250 km2

Resident Photographers:

Laurent Geslin
Olivier Grunewald
Vincent Munier
Louis Marie Préau

Visiting Photographers:

Florian Möllers
Frank Krahmer
Ingo Arndt
Linda Pitkin
Louis Marie Préau
Theo Allofs
Verena Popp-Hackner

France Galleries

With 82 million visitors each year France is the no. 1 tourist destination in the world. Main attractions? Paris with the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Versailles and - Lourdes. Anyone visiting France because of its fabulous natural beauty? Hardly. Big mistake – we think.

Just take the Camargue, where the river Rhône pours into the Mediterranean Sea and forms a wonderfully diverse delta. Thousands of ha of marshland, salty lakes, reedbeds and bogs - all of them teaming with birds. And in its center a colony of one of Europe’s most intriguing birds: the flamingo. Easily accessible by car, beach front access, great wines and food and more than 300 days of sunshine / year – a perfect nature holiday destination.

The same is true for the multi-coulored island of Corsica. While the island itself already has unique and rich natural assets, the sea around its 600 islets harbours a large variety of pretty cool fish. Among them the dusky grouper. It is easy with divers but a top-predator in the Mediterranean and can grow to more than 1,5 m and live for more than 30 years.

And of course there are the French Pyrenees, the mountain chain that divides France and Spain and holds the tiny country of Andorra in between. It is one of the hotspots for endemism in Europe. Several species like the Pyrenean Desman and the Pyrenean Euprocte (a salamander) can be found nowhere else on earth. On a hike through the Pyrenees there’s but a little chance that you will encounter one of the six! remaining native bears. But the landscape! The Pyrenean landscape will definitely make up for that. And who knows, maybe you are lucky to spot a majestic Bearded Vulture.
Bonne chance!

The two missions added lately have been carried out on assignment from French Nature magazine "Terre Sauvage" and Wild Wonders of Europe. The photos of Louis-Marie Preau and Florian Moellers feature nature and wildlife in and around two of the cities that had been awarded in the international competition "Capital of Biodiversity".