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Conservation Facts

Population: 10.1 million
Total Area: 93.030 km2
Population density: 10.4 per km2
Protected Area: 9.3%
National Parks: 11
“NATURA 2000” sites: 512
Largest Nature Reserve: Hortobagy NP 115.000 ha

Resident Photographers:

Orsolya Haarberg
Bence Máté
László Novák
Milán Radisics

Visiting Photographers:

László Novák
Markus Varesvuo
Milán Radisics

Hungary Galleries

Carnivorous people may think that the traditional Hungarian “szalami” is already a nice treat. Try to get one made from “vaddiszno”, from wild boar – and you will taste a touch of that wilderness of the Danube floodplains, where boars still roam in great numbers among Red and Fallow deer.

East of the river, the cattle-grazed Puszta steppe provides some excellent habitats for many birds from Great bustards to hoopoes and rollers. And if you are – due to some reason – on the prowl for a real linguistic challenge in Europe, Hungary will pop up among the top three must-hear destinations anyway. Sziastok!