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Conservation Facts

Population: 309.000
Total Area: 103.000 km 2
Population density: 3 per km2
Protected Area: 12% (terrestrial)
National Parks: 6
Largest Nature Reserve: Vatnajökull 15.000 km2

Resident Photographers:

Daniel Bergmann

Visiting Photographers:

Daniel Bergmann
Magnus Lundgren
Mark Carwardine
Orsolya Haarberg

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A country where 130 active volcanoes, hundreds of hotsprings and active geysers meet floating icebergs and the largest glacier in Europe HAS to be a spectacular place!

No wonder, nature enthusiasts from around the world paint the most wonderful pictures of this extraordinary piece of land. The bewildering mixture of steaming thermal pools in an open tundra clad in bizarre colours carries an almost primeval appeal that is unrivalled on the continent.

Enough reason that 360.000 Icelanders are joined by the same number of tourists each year. The latter come to visit the coastal cliffs with hundreds of thousands of breeding puffins, gannets and guillemots. Or they go whale watching for blue or minke whales.

Many bring their mobile homes to explore the moonlike landscapes of Landmannalaugar or the rivers and bogs around lake Myvatn where arctic birds are abundant. Much rarer, but very alive in many Icelanders’ belief, are the elves and gnomes and the members of the old folk, that guard the land and its inhabitants since it rose from the sea.