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Conservation Facts

Population: 58 million
Total Area: 301.230 km2
Population density: 196 per km2
Protected Area: 9.7% (terrestrial)
National Parks: 23
Marine Reserves: 22
“NATURA 2000” sites: 2.561
Largest Nature Reserve: Stelvio 134.620 ha

Resident Photographers:

Maurizio Biancarelli
Elio della Ferrera
Manuel Presti
Stefano Unterthiner
Bruno D'Amicis

Visiting Photographers:

Claudia Müller
Erlend Haarberg
Ingo Arndt
Olivier Grunewald
Sandra Bartocha
Staffan Widstrand

Italy Galleries

We would not have imagined that we might commission eight assignments to a country that is among the most densely populated in Europe.

A country that might be considered the very soul of central European culture, cuisine and couture, fair enough. But nature or biodiversity will definitely not pop up among anyone's holiday recommendations for Italy. Why not?

Ready to be surprised? Italy is one of the top three biodiversity hotspots in Europe.

Just think about its unique geographical features: the high Alps and the river Po delta, thousands of kilometers of mediterranean coastline, dense forests and arid plains and offshore volcanic islands. With a high degree of endemism in several animal groups, plant and animal species that can only be found between the border with Slovenia and the island of Sicily.

Our photographers will focus on locations and species like Ibex and Chamoix, on the flowerlands of the Abruzzo Mountains, on the underwater heaven of the mediterranean coast and on the orchid marvels of Gargano NP to name a few.

Open your eyes and minds to a different face of Italy!