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Media Release 

For immediate release: 28 April 2010
Wild Wonders Book Cover

Wild Wonders of Europe

By Peter Cairns, Florian Möllers,
Staffan Widstrand and Bridget Wijnberg

ISBN: 978-0-8109-9614-4

Price: £29.99

May 2010

Hardback with jacket
250 full colour photographs

A celebration of Europe 's marvelous landscapes and wildlife, including rare plants and animals from all 48 countries, to coincide with the International Year of Biodiversity.

For over a year, 69 of Europe ’s best nature photographers travelled to all corners of Europe ’s 48 countries to unveil the incredibly rich and amazingly varied natural heritage of this continent.

From the polar bears of arctic Svalbard to the sea turtles of the Mediterranean , from the wild bison of Poland to the snow-covered glaciers of the Caucasus – for the first time ever, the wild beauty of Europe ’s landscapes and the immense diversity of its wildlife is being shown to the world.

Almost 20 percent of Europe ’s land surface is now protected – thanks in large part to conservation decisions taken in the last few decades. In many areas, important species have been protected, others have been successfully re-introduced to their natural habitats, and many damaged areas are being restored.

Marking the International Year of Biodiversity, this book celebrates some concrete results of what is possible when humans take the right actions. But it also reminds us of the serious consequences of taking the wrong actions … or none at all.

Wild Wonders of Europe is about the wild places and wild creatures that are still out there. It is about the sheer joy of the wild, why it matters to us, and what we risk losing.

It is about the natural heritage of a continent that is Unseen, Unexpected, and Unforgettable.

This book is complemented by a series of outdoor and indoor exhibitions, AV-shows, television programmes, and lectures, touring all European countries and countries on other continents.  

You can also see more Wild Wonders on the web: www.wild-wonders.com


About the Authors:

 Peter Cairns is the business director of Wild Wonders of Europe. A photographer and writer, he co-founded the Tooth and Claw predator project and is director of the social enterprise company The Wild Media Foundation. He lives in Scotland .

Florian Möllers is the communications director of Wild Wonders of Europe. A biologist, nature photographer, and writer, he is also director of the groundbreaking city-wildlife project Wildes Berlin and the author of several books. He lives in Germany .

Photographer and author Staffan Widstrand is the managing director of Wild Wonders of Europe. A founding fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP), he also co-directed the large-carnivore project Big Five of Scandinavia. He lives in Sweden .

Bridget Wijnberg is the media and exhibition director of Wild Wonders of Europe. A biologist and environmental scientist with an extensive background in nature tourism, she specializes in conservation management. She lives in England .


For further information about the UK book  please contact:

Jane Pickett , Publicity & Marketing Manager, ABRAMS,
Email: jpickett@abramsbooks.co.uk, direct: 020 7713 2066

The book will be published in multiple languages this spring and summer.

Coming releases:
April: French, English
May: German, Spanish & Dutch
August: Danish, Swedish


Note for editors

Wild Wonders of Europe Directors Peter Cairns, Florian Mollers, Staffan Widstrand and Bridget Wijnberg are available for interviews. For further information, pictures or a review copy of the book visit the download area.

Images are copyright protected and can only be used to illustrate the above mentioned media release in the context of Wild Wonders of Europe. A maximum of three (3) of the nature images are free to be used without cost or previous agreement at any given time. But only under the condition that they are used in connection with reports on Wild Wonders of Europe, the mentioning of the project's website: www.wild-wonders.com and with the photographer's credit published beside the images, like this:
Photo: Photographer's name / www.wild-wonders.com.

Any other subsequent rights are not allowed and are subject to approval by Wild Wonders of Europe.

Individual photo credits are mandatory. Credit information is available from the IPTC file info of the downloaded images or you can download a separate text file with the relevant information.


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