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Inauguration of Wild Wonders of Europe Indoor Exhibition in Palazzo Ducale, Genova, Italy, June 05, 2010

Genova Indoor Exhibition

London, UK - From June 05 to June 20 Genova, Northern Italy, will host a beautiful indoor exhibition to celebrate the biodiversity and shared natural heritage of our continent. The elegant Palazzo Ducale (Ducal Palace) has been chosen as the prestigious venue to launch the World Premiere of the Wild Wonders of Europe’s indoor exhibition series which follows on immediately from the grand launch of the project’s Outdoor Exhibition by HRH Princess Irene of the Netherlands in The Hague on 27 May.

It gives us great pleasure to invite you to the official inauguration of this unique cultural event which will take place on Friday, June 04 at 17:00hrs by the Councillor of Parks of the City of Genova, Dr. Pinuccia Montanari, member of the International Court of the Environment Foundation, and will be opened by The Major of Genova, Marta Vincenzi.

Palazzo Ducale

The Genova Exhibition will showcase 80 striking large-format photos by 69 of Europe’s finest photographers, taken in all 48 European countries together with inspiring texts and audio-visual show highlighting a strong conservation message. Selected from almost 200.000 images taken over a period of fifteen months for this unique project, the quality of these pictures brings to the exhibition an enormous emotional power.
The Exhibition and inspiring audio-visual show will form part of the City’s World Environment Day celebrations on June 05, during the United Nations International Year of Biodiversity.
Free Admission to the exhibition is available: Tuesday-Sunday 11:00-20:00 (closed Mondays)

Wild Wonders of Europe is a panEuropean project highlighting the incredible biodiversity of this continent, connecting Europeans with their shared natural heritage. Showing us why nature is important for us and why we need to protect it.

Wild Wonders of Europe celebrates the amazing, and till now, little known, wildlife comeback in Europe, whilst at the same time highlighting the biodiversity loss and serious challenges ahead. The focus of the message is on the Joy of the Wild, giving us all hope that “Yes, Conservation Works” and providing one of the answers to the very contemporary question: “What is Europe?”

The project aims to reach out to the 700 million Europeans and the World through its flagship Outdoor Exhibitions showcasing 100 life-size nature photographs (which commenced in The Hague 27 May), Indoor Exhibitions, AV Shows, a highly acclaimed photo book, mini appetisers, lectures, a high profile website and other media. The Exhibitions will tour throughout Europe and North America from 2010 - 2012.

“From the polar bears of arctic Svalbard to the sea turtles of the Mediterranean; from the wild bison of Poland to the snow-covered glaciers of the Caucasus – for the first time ever, the wild beauty of Europe’s landscapes and the immense diversity of its wildlife is being shown to the world." the book describes.

If you would like to attend this prestigious gathering, please submit your application before June 04  to Bridget Wijnberg tel +44 772106839, or by returning the reply-coupon attached to this email.
You are expected on June 04 at 5pm at the Palazzo Ducale, Genova, Italy. The Mayor of Genova will officially open the exhibition. The program ends at 5:30pm.
17.00 hrs Entrance of guests and the press in the Palazzo Ducale
15.30 hrs Welcoming speech by
15.40 hrsPrincess Irene, patron of the Coalition of Biodiversity 2010, speaks about the importance of nature conservation
16.10 hrsPresentation of Wild Wonders of Europe by project photographer Stefano Unterthiner
16.50 hrsOfficial opening of the Exhibition by The Mayor of Genova
 An informal reception will follow

We look forward to welcoming you on Friday, June 04, 2010.

Yours sincerely,
Bridget Wijnberg
Media & Exhibition Director

Response/Reply Coupon:

Yes, I will attend the official opening of Wild Wonders of Europe in Palazzo Ducale

Number of Participants: 
Name of journal/magazine/program/website: 

RSVP with the above information completed before Thursday, June 04, to Bridget Wijnberg bridget@wild-wonders.com

NOTE for journalists:

 We welcome press interviews of the Directors and/or the 69, internationally renowned photographers who participated in the project from 19 European countries.

At www.wild-wonders.com you will find downloadable press material, detailed background information about the project, including news, blogs, videos, photos and the photographers.

Free Press Images and Free Web Banners are available for media usage together with a downloadable Press Pack for the Exhibition.
The images are copyright protected and can only be used to illustrate the above mentioned media release in the context of Wild Wonders of Europe. A maximum of three (3) of the images plus the front cover of the book and the Director’s portraits are free to be used without cost or previous agreement at any given time. But only under the condition that they are used in direct connection with reports on Wild Wonders of Europe, with the project's website www.wild-wonders.com mentioned and with the photographer's credit published beside the images, like this:

Photo: Photographer's name / www.wild-wonders.com.

Any other subsequent rights are not allowed and are subject to approval by Wild Wonders of Europe.

Individual photo credits are mandatory. Credit information is available from the IPTC file info of the downloaded images or you can download a separate text file with the relevant information.

About the Partners

The Wild Wonders of Europe Indoor Exhibition is organized by PAS EVENTS (www.pasevents.com) specialized in production and touring of high quality indoor exhibitions.

Among the more than 50 international partners are WWF International, National Geographic, Epson, Nikon and Nokia. A selection of more than 10,000 of the best images are available from the exclusive image agent Nature Picture Library.

About the Book

Coinciding with the exhibition is the release of the photo book “Wild Wonders of Europe” already published in French, English, Norwegian, Dutch and German, with Spanish, Swedish, Italian and American to follow shortly. More information about this superb book can be found at http://www.wild-wonders.com/the_book.asp

For more press information contact:

Italian Media:
Michela Chiosso (PAS Events Director): t: +393493528950 e:michela.chiosso@pasevents.com
Florian Moellers (Communications Director) t: +491709375789 e: florian@wild-wonders.com

Bridget Wijnberg (Media & Exhibitions Director) t: +447972106839 e: bridget@wild-wonders.com

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Croatia, Wild Wonders of Europe.

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