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Wheat Ridge, CO (May 17, 2011) The North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) Foundation announced fiscal sponsorship of the U.S. Tour of Wild Wonders of Europe (Wild Wonders) today.

Wild Wonders uses the power and emotion of large-format photography to showcase the amazing and little known natural beauty of Europe, its wild places and wildlife, and positive conservation success stories. In many parts of Europe wildlife is making a remarkable comeback due to demographic changes and conservation efforts. The main message of the exhibition is that conservation works.

The result of 125 missions by 69 photographers to 48 European countries, it is Europe's largest conservation photography initiative ever and has reached over 90 million people via its European tour, website and media coverage. Wild Wonders begins its U.S. tour to cities across the country this Fall beginning with Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Boston and New York City.

Wild Wonders includes outdoor and indoor exhibitions, an information pavilion, coffee-table book, website, DVDs, mobile apps, and special events. National Geographic featured the initiative in its May 2010 magazine. "We are thrilled to be working in the U.S. under the umbrella of the NANPA Foundation. Our missions are so tightly aligned - using the power of photography to educate and inspire people to value and protect nature," said Susan Bruce, Wild Wonders of Europe North America Tour Director.

Wild Wonders brings an inspiring, fascinating and educational experience to individuals, families, schools -- the entire community -- and will partner with and engage local schools, zoos and environmental NGOs in each hosting city.

"Wild Wonders of Europe represents the power of photography to move, educate and inspire. Conservation works, whether in Europe, the U.S. or your own community," said Annette Rogers, NANAP Foundation executive director.

About Wild Wonders of Europe http://www.wild-wonders.com
Wild Wonders of Europe is the largest nature photography conservation project in Europe. Sixty-nine top nature photographers visited 48 European countries over 15 months and documented 50 national parks and more than 1000 animal and plant species. The project will tour Europe, the USA and China in a series of outdoor and indoor exhibitions. Wild Wonders launched May 2010 in The Hague, Netherlands. The goal is to celebrate the joy of wildness, Europe's wildlife comeback, and how conservation works.

About the NANPA Foundation
The NANPA Foundation develops, supports and implements nature photography projects jointly with the North American Nature Photography Association and other organizations. It initiates, partners, operates and generates funding for projects that advance awareness of and appreciation for nature through photography. For information about the NANPA Foundation, visit its website at www.nanpafoundation.org.