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Outdoor Photo Exhibition
Wild Wonders of Europe
Opening at Nytorv, Copenhagen June 1st 2011

Copenhagen, Denmark - Wednesday June 1st the landmark photo exhibition Wild Wonders of Europe opens at Nytorv in central Copenhagen, Denmark. Inaugurated by Minister of the Environment Karen Ellemann and WWF Denmark General Secretary, Gitte Seeberg, the impressive outdoor exhibition offers free entry and will be open 24 hours a day until July 29th.

A celebration of European wildlife
Wild Wonders of Europe is the world's largest nature conservation photography initiative, ever. Directed by Bridget Wijnberg, Staffan Widstrand, Florian Möllers and Magnus Lundgren the unique pan-European initiative has been in the making for the past 4 years. It is a celebration of the joy of the wild and of our common European heritage. The exhibition showcases 100 impressive, life size photos from all 48 European countries, revealing the stunning natural treasures of our continent. The unseen, unexpected and unforgettable wildlife and wild places that most of us don't even know exist.

The photos have been taken by 69 of Europe's finest wildlife photographers over a period of fifteen months and bring to the exhibition a striking emotional power. From Svalbard in the North to the Canary Islands in the South, from the Azores in the West to Caucasus in the East, the exhibition is a real eye-opener to the natural phenomenon that every one of us has the possibility to go out and experience. And it is a reminder of the natural wonders that we are at risk of losing, if they are not protected.

A celebration of nature-conservation
Wild Wonders of Europe is a manifestation of how European wildlife is coming back as a result of 40 years of nature-conservation decisions. It shows that conservation works, we just need more of it.

Danish company behind the international exhibitions
The exhibition is organized by Life Exhibitions, founded by Stine Norden and Søren Rud. In the past they were responsible for the great book and exhibition successes 'Earth from Above" and '100 Places to Remember Before they Disappear'.

In the summer of 2010 Wild Wonders of Europe had its world premiere in The Hague inaugurated by Her Royal Highness Princess Irene of The Netherlands. Later that year it was shown in the historic city of Prague. Exhibitions are now being prepared for other key cities in Europe, U.S.A and China.

In Copenhagen Wild Wonders of Europe follows the exhibition 'Danmark Dejligst - 100 fredninger' ('Denmark Naturally - 100 protected areas') which ends 29 May.

NOTE for journalists:

Press pack and free press images are available for download on www.wild-wonders.com/press_room.asp. Please note conditions of use outlined below.

The website www.wild-wonders.com provides extensive background information about the project including news, blogs, videos, photographers details and photos.

The book "Wild Wonders of Europe" is available in 9 languages. More information can be found at http://www.wild-wonders.com/the_book.asp.

About Wild Wonders of Europe:

Wild Wonders of Europe is the world's largest nature photography conservation project ever. 69 top nature photographers visited 48 European countries over 15 months and with over 1000 hours in the field documented 50 national parks and more than 1000 animal and plant species. The project will tour Europe, the USA and China in a series of outdoor and indoor exhibitions which started on May 27, 2010 in The Hague, Netherlands showcasing Europe's Unseen, Unexpected & Unforgettable wildlife & landscapes. The message: to celebrate the joy of wildness, the wildlife comeback & that nature conservation works, whilst highlighting the values we risk losing.

Copenhagen Exhibition Sponsors:

Dansk Retursystem

Main Project Partners:

The Wild Wonders of Europe Outdoor Exhibition is organized by Life Exhibitions www.lifeexhibitions.com who in the past were responsible for touring other hugely popular exhibitions including "Spirit of the Wild" and "Earth from Above".

- WWF International http://wwf.panda.org/ is our main conservation partner and contributed valuable factual content for the project's communications, great PR work and support for a number of the photo missions.
- National Geographic Society http://www.nationalgeographic.com/ is our main media partner and published the article entitled "The Wild Side" together with the story about the Iberian lynx in 33 International editions across 66 countries. Wild Wonders of Europe was featured as the cover story for many local European language editions. NG.com web site features 750 of the images in their galleries.
- Epson is the printing partner who delivered the outdoor prints for the exhibition using the Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 large format printer. The printer delivers stunning colour clarity and fine detail accuracy, as well as durability and UV resistance afforded by its UltraChromeT GS inks - even in outdoor applications.

"The images generated by the project are stunning and deserve to be brought to life using the best imaging products available. By working with Wild Wonders of Europe, we believe we can help raise awareness of the beauty of nature throughout Europe, and in doing so, aid the preservation of our natural heritage. This is an important objective, and in line with Epson's broader commitment to supporting the environment and society as a whole," says Eelco Smit, Environmental Manager, Epson.
http://global.epson.com and Environmental Vision 2050  http://eco.epson.com/
- Nikon http://www.europe-nikon.com/  is our photography equipment partner, provided professional quality photographic equipment for the photographers and for the web-based European nature photography competition.

"We all have a responsibility to ensure the continued health of our natural environment. Nikon Europe is convinced Wild Wonders will bring to life Europe's flora and fauna for many thousands of people, first-hand and through the generation chain. Nikon has been committed to nature photographers for many years now, and many of them trust our equipment in their challenging working conditions. The work they deliver is the best evidence for the great performance of our latest generation of cameras and lenses." Birgitta Olson, General Manager, Marketing Communications at Nikon Europe B.V.
- Nokia http://europe.nokia.com/home  - is our mobile telephone partner.
"Nokia is proud to collaborate with this unique project and helped the photographers whilst on their missions by providing devices that allowed them to stay in touch, capture images, upload imagery and video content and tell their story. It's great that Nokia can help promote this amazing programme that will go down in history as the biggest and best of its kind. We are delighted to partner with an initiative that stands for the positive and good things that Europe has to offer and we are looking forward to helping bring this vision to life." Riitta Jantunen, Sustainable Lifestyle Services, Nokia
- Rewilding Europe - www.rewildingeurope.com is a ground-breaking initiative to make Europe a wilder place, starting with one million hectares by 2020. The programme will create 10 areas, each of at least 100,000 hectares, reflecting the majority of European ecosystems, flora and fauna. Through the reintroduction of native species and by allowing the natural processes to return, Rewilding Europe wants to see much more space for wildlife, wilderness and wild values. The ten areas will serve as front-runners for a large scale shift in land use across the continent towards wilderness-based economies, inspiring a new conservation vision for Europe.
- Deutsche Umwelthilfe - http://www.deutscheumwelthilfe.de/ A leading German nature conservation and environmental NGO, is partnering with Wild Wonders of Europe for the Europe-wide outdoor exhibition tour, to share the joy of the wild and the message that nature conservation works, with the wide audience across the continent.

Image Agency:

Nature Picture Library Library is the exclusive image agency for the project, and hold a key collection of the 10,000 best images from the project, available for direct download at: Nature Picture Library http://www.naturepl.com/

Press Images conditions of use:

Free press images are available on www.wild-wonders.com/press_room.asp. The press images are copyright protected and can only be used to illustrate the above mentioned media release in the context of Wild Wonders of Europe. A maximum of three (3) of the images plus the front cover of the book and the Director's portraits are free to be used without cost or previous agreement at any given time. But only under the condition that they are used in direct connection with reports on Wild Wonders of Europe, with the project's website www.wild-wonders.com mentioned and with the photographer's credit published beside the images, like this:

Photo: Photographer's name / www.wild-wonders.com.

Any other subsequent rights are subject to previous approval by Wild Wonders of Europe. Individual photo credits are mandatory. Credit information is available from the IPTC file info of the image or download a separate text file with the information.

For more press information:

Journalist Poul Arnedal
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Søren Rud
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Bridget Wijnberg
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