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Wild Wonders of Europe

New Free App "Wild Friends"

Wild Wonders of Europe launches a free application, "Wild Friends" just in time for Christmas.

Discover wildlife like never before on your iPad or iPhone!

  • A fantastic collection of more than 2,400 spectacular photos
  • Visual Stories presenting new adventures, updated every day
  • Complete navigation with smart tags, search and interactive maps
  • Instant Slideshows and Wallpapers for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
  • Shuffle or shake your device to discover new spots and images
  • Favorites to create your own photo albums or personalized virtual trips
  • Photo sharing via email, Facebook and Twitter
  • Open Graph integration with Facebook to easily share your explorations

Pricing & Availability
The "Fotopedia Wild Friends" App is available for free from the App Store on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch here.

Wild Wonders of Europe

Wild Wonders of Europe

Wild Wonders of Europe, the world's largest photography-based conservation communication initiative, in partnership with Fotopedia, the publisher of popular iOS apps, is proud to announce that our "Wild Friends" app, is now available on the App Store for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Wild Friends is the perfect app for families, nature lovers, photographers or explorers, with beautiful content, updated daily and delivered as Visual Stories. Whether you're looking for adventurous up-close nature photography or just some relaxing wallpaper for your desktop or iOS device, Wild Friends delivers. The app arrives just in time for the holidays and is completely free.

Wild Wonders of Europe

Wild Wonders of Europe

Wild Wonders of Europe

Wild Wonders of Europe

Watch as a baby turtle hatches, as a polar bear falls asleep, as a wolf hugs the ground while it stalks its prey -- each encounter guaranteed to surprise and delight. This app is packed with rare close-up images of fascinating animals such as arctic foxes, chamois, dolphins, humpback whales, golden eagles, monk seals, puffins and walrus - as well as less familiar creatures such as the European bison, the saiga antelope and the ghost shark.

Wild Wonders of Europe assigned 69 of Europe's best nature photographers to explore the whole continent through 135 missions across all 48 European countries. Their images reveal the amazing natural heritage of Europe. The unseen, unexpected and unforgettable wildlife and wild places that most of us don't even know exist. With Fotopedia's new Visual Stories, built into the app, you can follow the photographer's hardships, discoveries and delights during their assignments.

- "We hope this App will inspire a love story between us and our natural heritage, so that we will better cherish and protect our fellow species on this planet and their habitats. Wildlife is today making an amazing comeback in Europe, showing that nature conservation really works. We just need much more of it!" says Staffan Widstrand, Wild Wonders of Europe's Managing Director.

- "With Fotopedia Wild Friends, we are introducing a new way to discover the beauty of the world, offering Visual Stories every day for all family members to look forward to and share" added Jean-Marie Hullot, CEO of Fotopedia. "I am thankful to Wild Wonders of Europe for enabling us to share these visual treasures with our millions of users."

Wild Wonders of Europe

Wild Wonders of Europe

About Wild Wonders of Europe

Wild Wonders of Europe is the largest photography-based conservation communication initiative in the world. Supported by international partners, they assigned 69 of Europe's best nature and wildlife photographers on 135 photo missions to all 48 countries of the continent. The result is more than 200 000 images of European nature and wildlife displayed through every possible media. Their mission is to reveal Europe's amazing natural heritage to the world. A heritage to share. To enjoy. To protect. The message: to celebrate the joy of wildness, the wildlife comeback & that nature conservation works, whilst highlighting the values we risk losing. Wild Wonders of Europe is directed by Magnus Lundgren, Florian Möllers, Staffan Widstrand & Bridget Wijnberg.
Find out more at www.wild-wonders.com.

About Fotopedia

With more than 5 million downloads to date, Fotopedia is the publisher of a suite of iOS apps, including "Fotopedia Heritage" and the new "Fotopedia Magazine". It provides a new way to discover, explore and share the world's beauty, through stunning slideshows organized as stories and designed for the mobile lifestyle. The company was founded by Jean-Marie Hullot, who was previously CTO at NeXT and CTO of Apple's Applications Division. Fotopedia has offices in San Francisco and Paris.

Media Contacts

Florian Möllers
Communications Director
+ 49 170 9375789
Magnus Lundgren
Business Director
+ 47 708 753610


NOTE for journalists

Press Images & conditions of use
The press images are copyright protected and can be downloaded and used without cost only in order to illustrate the above mentioned media release in the context of Wild Wonders of Europe.
A maximum of three (3) of the images are free to be used without cost or previous agreement at any given time. The Wild Friends and Wild Wonders of Europe's logos and the Director's portraits are also free to publish. But all only under the condition that they are used in direct connection with reports on Wild Wonders of Europe or Wild Friends, with the project's website www.wild-wonders.com mentioned and with the photographer's credit published beside the images, like this: Photo Photographer's name / www.wild-wonders.com
Press images are available for download on www.wild-wonders.com/press_room.asp
Any other subsequent rights are subject to previous approval by Wild Wonders of Europe. Individual photo credits are mandatory. Credit information is available from the IPTC file info of the image or download a separate text file with the information.

Main Project Partners

Rewilding Europe World Wildlife Fund National Geographic
Epson Nikon Nokia
And many more key partners who have made this conservation photography project possible:

Life Exhibitions -  Nature Picture Library -  Groupe Bayard -  Gitzo -  Conservation International -  Deutsche Umwelthilfe -  PAS Events -  Editions de la Martiniere -  Polar Quest -  Nik Software -  Art for Conservation -  Better Moments -  Sandisk -  European Commission -  IUCN -  UNEP -  EEA -  ILCP -  PEBLDS  -  Birdlife International -  WILD Foundation -  Euronatur -  Aefona -  Pan Parks -  European Carnivore Campaign -  EMS Films -  2020Vision -  Alpine Convention -  NVN -  Naturfotograferna -  Naturapics -  Aunan Lodge -  Fotonatura.org -  Noble Caledonia -  Norway Nature -  Finnature -  Artic Media -  Wild Taiga -  Kuusamo Lapland -  Äventyrsresor -  Innovation Norway   Reisen in die Natur -  Destinasjon Saltstraumen -  Forollhogna -  Visit Finland -  Visit Sweden -  BirdingInSpain.com -  Mediwiss Analytic -  Objectif Nature -  Lanzarote -  King of the Forest/Skogens Konung -  Islas Canarias -  Alladale Estate -  Valle d’Aosta -  Nordic Discovery -  Parque Natural da Madeira -  Madeira Tourism -  Staatsbosbeheer  -  Grasduinen -  TurExtremadura -  Andorra Turisme -  DIVE.is -  Montier-en-Dèr -  Ulvsbomuren -  Flatanger Kommune -  Image & Nature -  IFWP -  Asferico -  Hide Photography -  Sakertour -  Salix Ecotours Ukraine -  Neophron Tours -  Light & Nature -  EkoClub -  Fotodelta