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For Release 00:01 GMT, 27 August 2009

A World First - the Crown Jewels of Nature in Europe now covered in 150 000 Top image database

The last of the 67 Top nature photographers in the “Wild Wonders of Europe” initiative, returned on Friday, completing the 14 month campaign of intense field work, including 118 photo assignments to all 48 European countries.

Launching in 2010 to mark the “International Year of Biodiversity”, the project’s flagship book and its Outdoor Exhibition series “The Great Wild Show” will illustrate to the World that European nature is yet far from being covered in concrete. It is actually still here, alive and kicking.

Using the emotional power of great photography, the Exhibition is estimated to reach 45-100 million during its 3 year tour to all European countries, showcasing the very little known European natural heritage, and the almost unknown fact that a lot of European wildlife is coming back in force, thanks to ardent conservation efforts. The main messages being the “Joy of Wild beings and places”, and “Yes we can, nature conservation works”.

The impressive 150,000-strong image bank, the most comprehensive and up-to-date picture collection ever gathered of Europe’s natural jewels, will be at the center of all output from the project. Books, websites, exhibitions, slideshows, TV and a number of digital media.

– “Braving soaring heat, deep seas and extreme cold, our Dream Team of photographers have created a breathtaking document of our shared natural heritage. Physical proof of an amazing comeback story and showing a side of Europe previously not well known - with really wild landscapes and charismatic species. It is truly a unique achievement“. Florian Moellers, Wild Wonders of Europe Communications Director.


For further information:

Bridget Wijnberg, Media & Exhibition Director,
Tel: +44 7972106839 or to arrange an interview with Managing Director, Staffan Widstrand.

Visit for press images and media resources.

About Wild Wonders of Europe

Wild Wonders of Europe is the world’s biggest ever nature photography-based conservation communication initiative. It is about revealing Europe's amazing natural treasures to the world. About what is still out there and what we are risking to lose, why it matters to us and why we need to protect it. Launching a major communication campaign in 2010 to mark the International Year of Biodiversity.

Wild Wonders of Europe is supported by some of the world’s leading conservation-, media- and corporate organisations, including the National Geographic Society, WWF International, Nokia, Nikon and Epson, together with 50 other partners.


Florian Möllers
Communications Director
Tel: +49 (0)5471 30 910 86
Mob: +49 (0)170 937 57 89

Staffan Widstrand
Managing Director
Tel: +46 (0)8 583 518 31
Mob: +46 (0)70 657 33 24