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Dag Peterson, Sweden

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Picture of Common Crane

A noisy comeback
Almost everywhere in Europe common crane populations are flying high. Each fall almost a million roost in Hungary, Germany, Spain & France.

The Wild Wonders Brand

The name “Wild Wonders” is a protected and registered trademark and therefore has the symbol ® attached to its logo.

This protection covers our logos as well as the name “Wild Wonders” itself, including that name in any combination of words either before or after it. If in any doubt about any eventual usage of the Wild Wonders registered trademark, we urge you to please contact us and thereafter await our approval in writing, before any publishing of it, unless of course the usage is as a journalistic quote in media reports about our activities and project, which we strongly promote. Any unauthorised usage of this registered trademark outside that realm will be dealt with by our legal representatives.

Wild Wonders of Europe Logos in Adobe Illustrator and EPS formats:
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