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Picture of a Boar

Smart, social, adaptable, prolific - wild boars, the better Europeans? 5,000 of them dig their way through the city of Berlin. Respect!

The Outcome 

What do you do with 200,000 really nice images?

Thinking about communication to the widest possible audience we developed the following products that will – and did already! - reach millions of people:

  • a huge Outdoor Exhibition -  large-format (200x250 cm), high-profile and free 24/7! Featuring 100 of the best images, at least one from each country, together with inspiring text, aiming to tour all 48 European countries, North America, China and beyond from 2010-2013
  • a beautiful, illustrated coffee-table book, 288 pages, 250 pictures, 7 languages – and more to come
  • an interactive website – with content added on a daily basis:
    pictures, videos, conservation facts, photo-competition, webinars, etc.
  • Indoor Exhibitions, small and large (48 & 80 A1-size prints), touring museums, airports, city halls, shopping centres and alike
  • a DVD collection showing our photographers in the field, at work, in some of the amazing places they visited and species they encountered during their missions
  • multimedia-shows, tailor-made & powerful for all kinds of festivals and (public, private & corporate) events across and outside Europe

We are convinced that the emotional power of great photography will make hundreds of millions of people fall in love with the Wild Wonders of Europe.

Any questions? Please get in touch.