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Fernando Iniesta, Spain

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May we introduce the Dream Team:
The Photographers!

How did we choose them? Well, it was tricky but these women (and men) are all visual artists with great talent, creativity, dedication and team-spirit. But most importantly, they all have a strong passion for nature.

Click here to browse the names, check out their websites and admire thousands of their stunning pictures! And during the next two years, follow them on their exciting adventures, capturing the spirits of the Wild Wonders of Europe.

Our photographers will be out and about from May 2008 until August 2009.They will spend weeks in the field looking for fresh perspectives into Europe's nature. You can follow them through podcasts, video clips and read their blogs from the field. Learn about their approach, their favourite places and don't miss their tips on nature photography. You can even win a very special photo-trip with one of them - so stay tuned!