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László Novák

I just like being in nature and wandering around nice places.

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Featured Photographer

László Novák


I was born in 1957 in one of the nicest places of Hungary . It is a little basin with its towns near to the Lake Balaton . This place carries a plenty of treasure of nature and could supply work for a nature photographer for all of her or his life. I enjoyed to be brought up here very much without a camera or even without the thought to have one. I just admired the cows coming home from the field, the music of frogs near our village. That time it was enough for me and would be more than enough at this very moment.

When I was eleven, our house was washed away by an ugly flood caused by a very heavy hail. Despite of the disaster, my first thing to do was to check a warbler nest near our house. The dead nestlings were covered by their dead mother in the nest. The picture is so vivid in my mind as if I had taken a photo of it.


Why nature photography?
Imagine a fly walking around on the window that is spotted with its dropping. If your first thought is "damn it, I have to clean the window again", you will never be a nature photographer. But if the buzzing stops you working and you find yourself admiring the voice and phenomenon, you can be a nature photographer. I am in this side, not on the clean window.

What's best about it?
Any time you are sitting behind the camera, the best is that what you have is the most a human being can have: the beauty and truth .

What's worst about it?
Good question. I have never thought about it.

Favourite species and places in Europe?
My favourite places are around my town. I visit some of these places more times a week so I am very well informed about the photo opportunities around here. My favourite topics and species vary according to my knowledge about them. Last time it was the Woodlark.

What's in the bag?
I carry only a little bit of equipment on my short trips. The most important are a viewfinder, a very strong self-made tripod and a beanbag. Besides I prefer the following lenses: 4/17-40L, 3,5/180L, 4/400DO. Sometimes I get upset though when I realize to have left the polarizing and the neutral density filter behind.

Your specialities / skills?
Nothing special. I just like being in the nature and wandering around nice places while finding the best possibilities to take pictures of.

What will you do in your next life?
I would undo the offences of human beings and bring back to the life disappeared species like Passenger pigeon

3 tips for beginners
Go ahead step by step and keep my three tips:
1) Know nature
2) Like nature.
3) Honour nature.


I have two missions. The big one is to take photos of the bird migration in Wadden Sea NP in Germany . I feel this is a huge challenge, because Germany has so many great photographers who have already done magnificent pictures on this topic. My one species mission is to take photos of Kingfisher while catching fish.

Best Picture

Best Picture

What's cool about it?
I have dreamt about this image for many years. The situation isn't rare while frogs are displaying. But not easy to catch the water above the head of the male. It is not enough to be fast while pushing the release button but you have to be lucky also.

Could it be better?
There is no picture that can not be better. But when you are sitting in the marsh not in a studio, it is not possible to arrange the background. Here on the right corner another frog breaks the composition.

Behind the Scene
Many frogs were gathering in a marsh and they were very loud. I took lots of images on Velvia and tried to catch this typical situation. I remember trying it so many times and I always failed. Until developing of the film, I did not even know if I was successful or not.

Date: April 2003
Location: Retszilas , Hungary
Gear: Canon EOS 1NRS, 4,5/500L+2x extender + tripod

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