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Claudia Müller

Curiosity, a little bit crazy, big dreams.

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Featured Photographer

Claudia Müller


Owner of the wildest garden in town with too many flowers, vegetables, herbs, apple trees and a small muddy pond with big green frogs

Cook the delicious jam of the season, like dramatic crimes, Scandinavian writers, mango ice crème and strawberries, don’t like dark chocolate, ignorance, intolerance and bad jokes

Member of the Germany Nature Photographer Association GDT, participate in international photo competitions and publish articles in nature magazines

I am not a full time photographer. But photography is one of the important parts of my life. Thanks to photography I learnt to see and was enabled to live my creativity. It is a medium, understood beyond any border of culture or language. I love it to play with colours, light and shadows. I’m working on small projects and primarily show my images as fine art prints in numerous exhibitions.

Website: www.flowerpics.de/


Why nature photography?
It was not a conscious decision, rather a flowing process.

My aim is that my images will make the viewer curious, surprise or fascinate him and make him reconsider his perception of nature. Whenever I can be a door-opener for his inner debate with nature, I achieved a lot.

What's best about it?
Nature is a permanent challenge. Nature determines the speed and makes the rules. You will always get a new chance, if you are respectful and careful with nature. Being outside in nature, you will learn constantly, also about yourself.

What's worst about it?
Cold feet are very unpleasant. Bugs and flies are troublesome. But I hate to remove ticks from my body.

Favourite species and places in Europe?
I am lucky to live in a region with wonderful landscapes. There are old beech forests like cathedrals, landscapes with old oaks, great coasts and dramatic light. I live in the suburbs and in spring I hear the cranes calling from their breeding grounds. In autumn big flocks of geese fly over town. But I believe, if you open your eyes and your mind you can find a lot of such places in Europe .

What's in the bag?
A mix of analog and digital equipment, often too much and too heavy; sometimes I feel like a June bug; one important part is a bag of jelly babies!

Your specialities / skills?
The view for the detail, the search for the other sight, abstractions, playing with light.

What will you do in your next life?
It is a difficult thing with the rebirth. Perhaps I will be a lab rat in my next life. I try to achieve some things here and now and try to go my own way. But some dreams are here……

3 tips for beginners
1) Learn all about composition, structures, patterns and colors; let yourself be inspired by art, architecture, design; search for models and try to analyze his working methods and his figuratively speak; and then forget all about that and go your own way!
2) Be watchful and be aware of the consequences of your actions
3) Good gear makes things easier, but even "amateur equipment" might deliver better results than one might think. The real borders are those you erected in your head.

Maybe even more important than all the three above: try to find friends with whom you can have open and critical discussions about your work.


With the photographer Sandra Bartocha I travelled to the South of Italy in spring. We visited the Gargano peninsula. On the meadows and the hills we took a look at the more than 60 orchid species and traveled back to Germany with many nice macro pictures of the lovely flowers. Our mission was to show the great variety of orchids with their richness in color and forms.

Currently we prepare our next trips to southern and central Italy . Our main focus will be on the majestic Pinus leucodermis and the beech and oak forests in the mountains of the Pollino NP and the wild flower meadows in the Sibillini Mountains .

It is a big challenge to work for the Wild Wonders of Europe project and a great idea to show the wild sides of Europe together with the best photographers

Best Picture

Best Picture

“June” - it’s an old picture but I love it

What's cool about it?
Red poppies, blue sky and little clouds - that’s the early summer feeling.

In exhibitions some visitors had doubts, whether this picture is a photograph. They believe it is a painting. Than they are fascinated and very often start a big discussion about similar pictures and sometimes the people are telling stories about their lives and about the memory of the poppy fields in their childhood.

Could it be better?
No, I think it is ok :)

Behind the Scene
Every year in June I travel with friends to a particular area not far from my hometown. We look for the perfect poppy field – pretty hilly, many, many poppies and cornflowers or chamomile.

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