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Jesper TÝnning

All places have stories to tell, but their stories need time to unfold. Thatís why nature photography is a lifestyle, which is a lifetime in the making.

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Featured Photographer

Jesper TÝnning


I made my entry into the world of serious photography about ten years ago. I donít know exactly what happened when I started making photographs, but it definitely triggered something in my mind, and for almost half of my life it has been my main hobby and lifestyle. Today I dedicate all my spare time and money to outdoor photography.
I have won several awards in national and international competitions and four times I have won the title Danish Nature Photographer of the Year.
For the future my aim is simple: Photographing the essence of Nature, for my own artistic satisfaction and to show my subjects in an intimate and personal way.

Website: www.jespertonning.com


Why nature photography?
Well, Iím one of those people usually happiest when outdoor, so photographing nature is simply a perfect combination of being close to nature and doing the work I love doing the most - making pictures.

What's best about it?
To feel the elements, sometimes I work under rather rough conditions, but as long as you have something to photograph, all physical problems donít seem to exist. I love being out in blizzards, rain or strong winds, it somehow stimulates my brain to be alert and sensitive. I feel happy being out there, and sometimes I laugh while taking pictures - YES Iím beating the elements haha!

What's worst about it?
Besides getting up really early in the morning, I really hate mosquitoes and other insects leaving their bite on my body and distracting me from making pictures. But the worst thing is spending so much time on the science rather than concentrating on the art of photography. We become better photographers if we spend more time outdoors rather than spending time in front of a computer.

Favourite species and places in Europe?
The wilderness is a fundamental part of my life and I often return time and again to the same favourite locations and subjects, particularly in sub-arctic Lapland and near my home in Denmark. Usually I prefer the colder northern parts of Europe, but beauty can be found everywhere!

What's in the bag?
Besides the whole range of lenses, filters, and Nikon cameras I carry a GPS, because I get completely absorbed by nature, and when I have to find the way back to my car or tent itís often dark. When being out the whole day, with one thing in mind Ė making pictures, I totally loose the sense of time and place and the GPS saves the day, getting me back to reality. The best thing about a GPS is that I can ďmarkĒ a location so that I easily can return to the site another day or year.

Your specialities / skills?
I believe my attention to detail, colours and shapes, my trained eye for strong compositions and my use of light is simply the technique, which translates an image most effectively into a story for the viewer. Scenic landscapes and details of nature, ranging from the dramatic to the subtle, magic light, beautiful moods, and graphic design of natural elements like water, rock, trees, flowers, wildlife and the sky are some of my main subjects.

What will you do in your next life?
First of all there is still too much to do in this life than thinking of what to do in the nextÖ Having said that; I would like to live out my boyhood dream of being a fighter pilot.

3 tips for beginners
1) Be authentic!
2) Get inspired by looking at pictures, books, magazines and the Internet.
3) Take many photographs and learn from your mistakes!


Receiving a mail from Wild Wonders of Europe asking me if I was interested in joining the project, I said YES without hesitating. I canít think of any other project of this scale and itís a great honour, making me extremely happy and really excited.

I come from Denmark and this is a small country, but Luxembourg is even smaller!

They want me to go to Luxembourg? I know absolutely nothing about the nature in this beautiful country... But then again, this is what itís all about! - Showing the rest of the world that Europe is not only cities and highways. Oasis of nature can be found even in the smallest countries in Europe, and I might learn something too!

Best Picture

Best Picture
Twilight, Abisko Canyon, Sweden.

What's cool about it?
I think this graphic and surreal image is showcasing the essence of my photography. Images with a simple composition and few colours are my favourites; I like the spectacular appeal of this image: a vivid blue colour and steep canyon walls adds drama to the scene.

Could it be better?
Well, tough question, but the answer must be no, I donít think so! I like it the way it is. This image has been on my top 10 for almost 8 years and I can still remember the moment like it was yesterday. This image is stamped with its own unique moment in time and itís a graphic image with striking detail.

Behind the Scene
Ever since I first saw the Abisko Canyon, I had a dream of photographing it in twilight. In late October, the canyon looks like a landscape from another world. I was lucky enough to witness this scene after a couple of days with heavy snowfall. One evening the sky was very clear and during the 2-minute exposure the blue light was reflected in the water and on the steep canyon walls, making the image look surreal and breathtaking.

Date: 23rd October 2001
Location: Abisko N.P, Lapland, Sweden
Gear: Nikon F5, Nikkor 80-200mm 2,8 ED, Kodak E100VS, Tripod.

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