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Picture of Common Crane

A noisy comeback
Almost everywhere in Europe common crane populations are flying high. Each fall almost a million roost in Hungary, Germany, Spain & France.

What is Wild Wonders of Europe?

Wild Wonders of Europe
is a private initiative, working to showcase Europe’s amazing natural heritage to the World! Using the emotional power of great photography. Celebrating the wildlife comeback in Europe. Celebrating that nature conservation works, and that we need more of it! Celebrating “Natura2000”, the World’s largest network of protected areas. Whilst at the same time also bringing up some issues of concern.

Wild Wonders of Europe Therefore assigned 69 of Europe’s most talented and committed nature photographers. We have sent them on 155 photo assignments so far, across all of Europe’s 48 countries. To cover the most interesting places, all the habitats and all the most charismatic species.

After more than 1200 days in the field we now have an archive of almost 200,000 breathtaking images. created the most up-to-date, comprehensive, communicable and emotional collection of images of nature in Europe. Please browse through the galleries here: This is the most up-to-date, cohesive visual documentation of nature in Europe today.

Wild Wonders of Europe is as yet the biggest photo-based conservation communication initiative in the World. Our track record:
  • 6 book titles so far, more to come
  • Media reports in most major magazines, newspapers and websites in the world.
  • An app with 1.4 million downloads
  • TV and radio
  • Massive media outreach - more than 800+ million reached (2015) through various media
  • 69 of Europe’s most talented and committed nature photographers
  • 150 Assignments to all 48 European countries- from National Parks, World Heritage Sites, Natura2000 areas and RAMSAR sites
  • 200 000 images - A first ever top quality digital record of Europe’s natural heritage. A unique legacy.
  • Outdoor Exhibition tour to major cities in Europe
  • Indoor Exhibition tour in Europe, China, México and USA
  • Flagship book “Wild Wonders of Europe“, published in eight European languages and 100 000 copies.
  • Wild Trees & Forests of Europe book, Wild Waters of Europe book
  • Two Children’s books & educational material
  • Apple App “Wild Friends” (had over 1,3 million downloads before it closed)
  • AV-shows at festivals around the world
  • Well visited and content-rich website: Galleries, photo competitions, blogs, photo tips, conservation facts
  • TV documentaries and DVD-boxes
  • Major stories from the project in National Geographic Magazine & GEO Magazine

Please follow us and take part!

And don’t forget to get out there into nature and experience it yourself!